Adrian Arias / Visual Poet

 Adrian Arias is an American poet, visual artist and performer. He was born in Peru and has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area since 2000. Winner of important prizes in visual arts and poetry in Peru, Argentina, Japan, Macedonia and the US.

Adrian reinvents animals, creates dream-based languages and codes, explores the absurd and the surreal visually and creates paintings in action and murals related to the pandemic and the social revolution that we are experiencing.

Adrian use movement as a form of art, as a choreographer and visual poet. Adrian is also a cultural promoter, art teacher and artivist.

“Adrian Arias, the ever brilliantly inventive poet of the gesturing Word” Jack Hirschman, poet and activist, former poet laureate of San Francisco


Here you can see his new series of painting in pandemic

Here PANDEMIC CREATIONS in collaboration

Here my 2019 paintings

Here my STORE with small paintings

Adrian lives and works in Oakland, California.


Supporting my community / Supporting LoCura

Here the paintings you can buy to support LoCura Music. All funds will be for this amazing group of musicians.

contact me for information:

El Campo / acrylic on cardboard, 18×24 inches

No ves?  / Ayotzinapa // Acrylic on chair.

Los Besos/ Acrylic on canvas. 16x 20 inches

Te Sigo / sharpie on cardboard, 18×24 inches

Con el viento/ Acrylic on canvas. 16x 20 inches

SOLD Guerrillera / mixed media on cardboard SOLD

Gracias, thank you for your support