Image of DREAM #4 at Dance Mission, SF 

Adrian Arias (American, born in Peru, 1961)

Is a prize-winning visual artist, multidisciplinary performer, poet, curator, cultural promoter and Art teacher, working and living in the Bay Area since 2000.

Arias has participated in international individual and collective exhibitions and performances in France, Spain, Italy, Macedonia, Poland, Canada, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Japan, Peru and the US.

He is one of the founders and creators of MAPP (Mission Arts Performance Project) and creator of Festivals in the San Francisco Bay Area such as: VideoFest, Luna Negra, and ILLUSION show, a one-day happening event at de Young Museum, MCCLA and SOMARTS, in San Francisco.

He is part of the Anna Halprin Performing Lab. under the direction of Anna Halprin and creating scores regularly with the group since 2013.

Since 1999 is working in big scale Altar-installations for Day of the Dead exhibitions at San Francisco Symphony, Oakland Museum, MCCLA and SOMARTS.

Adrian uses his dreams with creative initiatives, which he makes come true in performances and community projects, such as his multimedia shows called DREAMS, or his Tarot in Pandemic & Revolution, where 23 visual artists and 34 poets from the SF Bay Area have participated.

Adrian was part of the duo Arias & Aragon in Lima, between 1980-2000, and are considered pioneers of Video Art and Multimedia shows in Peru, his country of origin.

Adrian Arias, continuously evolves images, colors, and feelings framed by the urge of creation itself. An inventive visual artist, of infinite forms and mediums.” Nina Serrano, poet and activist at KPFA Radio in Berkeley.

Adrian Arias, the ever brilliantly inventive visual poet of the gesturing Word”. Jack Hirschman, Poet Laureate of San Francisco.

Important collaborations and art in pandemic

Since April 2020 until now, Anna Halprin Lab. Creates a Zoom meeting for gatherings and Scoring every Tuesday at 7:01 pm


May:  Online Live painting at the program Little Lighthouse, host by Carly Marie de Mento.

April: Live painting with LoCura music at Oakland.

March: Live painting video recording in Oakland and Berkeley, respecting covid 19 protocols, for the video clip “Los besos/Kisses” by the group LoCura Music, Bay Area.

February: Online collaboration: ¨More Love Now¨, dance by Shania Rasmussen, music by Darren Johnston, live painting by Adrian, streaming live on Feb. 14.

January: Live painting and dance collaboration with Mimi Cezanne Stoll, Red Poppy Art House, SF.


December: – Manos del Mundo/Hands of the world, open online call where I received 114 drawings of painted hands from around the world and after being digitized and enlarged on a large scale, they are on display in the huge exterior windows of the MCCLA, SF.

– Murals in Oakland, supporting local business, at Grand Ave and Lakeshore Ave.

November: Three ephemeral murals in the La Mission neighborhood commissioned by Dance Brigade, Dance Mission, SF.

October: Altar dedicated to George Floyd, Dia de los Muertos in Somarts, SF.

September: Commission to paint the exterior windows of the MachinaLoci art space in Berkeley, CA.

August: Selected from a group of 16 artists to paint BLACK LIVES MATTER on the asphalt in front of the Regional Library in Petaluma, CA.

July: Commissioned to paint a mural in SF Chinatown, by Project Activism, SF.

June – October: 23 Minutes with Adrian, a live stream presentation, mixing live painting by Adrian with live poetry and music with special guests from the Bay Area and Latin America. Twelve sessions commissioned by the MCCLA, with: Alejandro Murguía, Aida Salazar, Roman Lujan, Yuyi Morales, Kata Miletich, Jorge Argueta, John Santos, Yamily Yunis, Teresa Palazzo-Conti, Roger Santivañez, Mario Bellatin and Anais Azul.

May – December: Tarot in Pandemic & Revolution.

April – July: “Amulets” was an original idea to be created live at the Albany Bulb, but it became an online idea and visual artists and musicians from the Bay Area were commissioned to make them.

Important Performances and Collaborations before pandemic


Dream # 8, Score and direction by Adrian. With the participation of Anna Halprin Lab. Group. Berkeley Art Museum, BAMPFA, FLACC (Festival of Latin American Contemporary Choreographers).

Performances and workshops at the Artist residency in Spain, developing Anna Halprin technique and creating Scores in collaboration with local artists from Spain.


Anna Halprin Legacy, performing “Parades and changes/Paper Score” directed by Anna Halprin. And scores from the Anna Halprin Lab. Koret Auditorium, de Young Museum, San Francisco. NOTE: Parades and changes had its original premiere on September 5, 1965, at the Stockholm Festival, Stockholm City Theater, Sweden.

Crepitar, Score by Adrian Arias & Kristi Williamson, directed by Brian Collentine and Anna Halprin, Minnesota Project, San Francisco.

Dream # 7, Score and direction by Adrian. Somarts and Red Poppy Art House, SF.

Anna Halprin Blank Placard Score, directed by Anna Halprin and Rosario Sanmartino. With 100 participants on the streets of San Francisco. NOTE: In 1968 the San Francisco Dancers’ Workshop performed the Blank Placard Dance on Market Street as a procession through the city, where the performers marched, holding blank Signs as a “ritual” based on street demonstrations, which was symbolic of protest “but without any specific cause.”.

In-Finite Beauty, Score and direction by Kristi Williamson and Adrian Arias, music by Anais Azul, music performed by Helen Newby andAbigail Shiman. Fort Mason Center, as part of the San Francisco International Arts Festival.

45 Medicinal Plants in stencils printed, as a performance process, in place at the Albany Bulb, in collaboration with Mara Hernandez.

Dream # 6, Score and direction by Adrian. Dance Mission, SF, and Anna Halprin Mountain Studio, Kentfield, CA.


Dream # 5: All in Blue, Score and direction by Adrian. North Beach Public Library

Brunch, San Francisco.

Dream # 4: Sacred Water, Score and direction by Adrian. Dance Mission as part of

D.I.R.T. Dance in Revolting Times, San Francisco.

Dream # 3.1, Score and direction by Adrian. ODC Theatre, as part of Push Fest, SF.

Five Heroes of The Mission, Score-food-poem created and directed by Adrian,

dedicated to five activist friends, poets from the Barrio de La Mission, who died from

different causes between 2015-2016, MCCLA, San Francisco.


Dream # 3.0, Score and direction by Adrian. Dance Mission, as part of FLACC (Festival of Latin American Contemporary Choreographers) SF.

7 performances in collaboration with musicians and dancers at FridaCalicos Art Residency, San Rafael, CA.

Dream # 2, When Fire Visit Us, Score and direction by Adrian. With dancers La Tania, Zoe Klein, Clara Rodriguez, Amelia Uzástegui, Dina Zarif, Anais Azul, Live music by String Quake and Anais Azul. Commissioned by Fort Mason Center, San Francisco.

Dream # 1, Score and direction by Adrian. With La Tania Baile Flamenco and Amaranth String Quartet. Red Poppy Art House, San Francisco.


Dream # 0, Score and direction by Adrian. Dancers: Natan Daskal, Jessica Brown, Kenya Moses, and live music by Amaranth String Quartet. Regional Redwood Park, Oakland, CA. Video link:

Two Performances and Visual Art. Score and direction by Adrián. In collaboration with the dance students of the San Marcos Museum, directed by Maureen Llewellyn Jones. San Marcos Museum, Lima Peru.

Interactive altar and performance. Dedicated to Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Day of the Dead celebration San Francisco Symphony. SF.

Exile in White, Rose and Black. Score and direction by Adrian. Adrian body painting with collaboration of body painters and musicians, Red Poppy Art House, SF.


Overture, Score and direction by Adrian. With the participation of 9 members of the audience. SOMARTS, San Francisco.

Adrian performances at Knights of Revery, as special guest. Directed by Brian Livingston & Robert Wyald. San Francisco and Oakland, various locations.


A series of performances at MAPP (Mission Arts Performance Project): Love is like a Train, Ceviche-poem, Body Suspended. Scores and direction by Adrian. Red Poppy Art House, Million Fishes, Secret Garden, Casa de los Sueños, etc, San Francisco.


Performances and publishing a Science fiction art book: Beautiful Trash, The Lost Library, as final part of the Artists in Residence at the de Young Museum. With the participation of local poets, musicians and dancers. Galería de la Raza, SF.

Altar and interactive performances at Day of the Dead. Commissioned by the Oakland Museum, California.

Red String Poem, Interactive Score-poem created and directed by Adrian, as part of the San Francisco International Poetry Festival.

I dream of blue books, Score-poem-installation created and directed by Adrian. Art in Nature Festival, Oakland Regional Redwoods Park, California.


Artist Residency at the de Young Museum, creating his project Beautiful trash, with a series of 5 performances, and a large production of book objects.

Butterfly Score-poem, in collaboration with Meklit Hadero at the Stern Grove

Festival, San Francisco.


Series of poetic performances at Struga Poetry Evenings, Macedonia.


Mending Heart, Score created and directed in collaboration with Tania Figueroa, La Tania and Anais Azul, at Counterpulse, and at Day of the Dead, SOMARTS, SF.

Aleteo. Interactive Score and direction by La Tania and Adrian Arias. Dance, poetry, ceviche at MAPP (Mission Arts Performance Project), Red Poppy Art House, SF

Hanging Poems, Score and direction by Adrian. Poems hanging and drying, in a laundromat in the Mission neighborhood, with a casual audience. SF.


Intox Launch, directed by Guillermo Gomez-Peña, ATA (Artist Television Access),

in collaboration with local performers and musicians. San Francisco.

Frontera del Cuerpo (Body Border). Score and direction by Adrian, in collaboration with Tania Figueroa. SOMARTS San Francisco.

SUR (South) Adrian Performances in Lima. Score and direction by Adrian, with the collaboration of Lucia Lora and Todd Brown. La Noche de Barranco, San Marcos Museum Gallery, Parks in Lima, Peru.


69,280 people disappeared in Peru, Score by Adrian, directed by Chio Flores, Queens, New York.


OPUS 000 to OPUS 009. A series of Scores in collaboration with Anais Azul at MAPP (Mission Arts Performance Project) San Francisco.


Border, Score-installation at SOMARTS, San Francisco.

Luz y Lagrimas Negras (Light and Black Tears) Score-installation in collaboration with Begoña Caparros, Day of the Dead, Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts, San Francisco.


The Pain Room, Score and direction by Adrian. SOMARTS, San Francisco.


Ceviche for the Women disappeared in Juarez. Series of cooking scores performances. CCA (California College of Arts), Art space at Blythe, California Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, SF.

Important Exhibitions and Art Residencies


Adrian Art in pandemic. Acrylic on canvas created in pandemic. Red Poppy Art House, exhibition online.


Artist in residence at Benamil Art Center, Spain. In this residence Adrian created 50 pieces of art including paintings, installations and performances, Valencia, Spain.

We Belong, collective art show of Latinx from the San Francisco Bay Area.


Dream escapes, paintings, Red Poppy Art House.


Angels in time of Dictatorship, Drawings, Studio Grand, Oakland.


Artist in residence at FridaCalicos, 12 weeks of creation in different mediums, and with collaborations with local visual artists, story tellers and musicians, San Rafael, CA.


Beautiful Trash Collection, Drawings, objects and photography. Art Museum of San Marcos, Lima, Peru.


Trash memories, Object installation and drawings. Red Poppy Art House, SF.


Beautiful Trash: The Lost Library, Drawings, objects, video-art and photography, Galería de La Raza, San Francisco, CA.

Day of the Dead, Altar commission dedicated to Lew Ayres, Oakland Museum, California.


Artist in residence, de Young Museum, San Francisco. Developing his project “Beautiful Trash”, art and consciousness about the amount of plastic we consume everyday, creating awareness about the “Garbage Patch” in the North Pacific Ocean.


International Art Festival, Video art. Barcelona, Spain.


The Question is known, objects. The new Latin American Art, MCCLA, SF.


Dra-Wings, Digital photography and drawings. Red Poppy Art House, SF.


Artist in residence at the Red Poppy Art House, San Francisco, creating his large format piece “Los Amantes” (The Lovers) mixed media on wood.


Day of the Dead exhibits, Somarts, San Francisco.

As Arias & Aragon

in collaboration with Susana Aragon

2001:  Poem-Dress-Installation, based in Adrian´s poem Curiosity. Venice Biennial, Italy.

1997: Video-Installation, First Iberoamerican Biennial in Lima, Peru.

1997: Objects, John Harriman Gallery, British Council, Lima, Peru.

1996: Photography installation, Azcapotzalco Cultural Center, Mexico DF, Mexico.

1996: Altares Photography installation, Meza Fine Art Gallery, Miami.

1993: Book objects and video-installation, Bernanos Gallery, Paris, France.


Prizes in visual arts

2017:  Award of Excellence in Visual Arts in San Francisco, Mission Cultural Center.

2009: Video-poem “Frida in the Mirror” selected @ 52nd SF International Film Festival and winner “Best of the Festival” at the Berkeley Film & Video Festival.

2008: Video-poem “Mi pelicula empieza…” (Mi movie starts…) Finalist at Video Art Prize Ingenio 400, Madrid, Spain. And selected Art Festival BAC in Barcelona, Spain.

Prizes in visual arts as Arias & Aragon

2001:  Object-poem “Curiosity”, Selected for The Bunker of Visual-Poetry, curated by Caterina Davinio, Venice Biennial, Italy.

2001: Juan Rulfo Photography Prize, Paris, France.

1995: Golden Medal at 55th International saloon of Photography, Japan.

1994: Mención, Primer Salón de escultura Price Waterhouse, Lima, Perú.

1993: Golden Medal at 53rd International saloon of Photography, Japan.

1989: Tercer Premio, VI Salón de pintura ICPNA, Lima, Perú.

1985: Mención Honrosa, Premio Fundación Banpeco, Lima, Perú.

In poetry

Adrian received four major prizes in Argentina and Peru, with the following published books: “Hábitos” (Habits)(1984), “Sueños y Paranoias” (Dreams & Paranoia)(1996), “Castigo Divino” (Divine Punishment)(1998), and “26-10-2028” (2000).

His poem “Vitis Vinifera” won the Best poem at the Struga Poetry Evenings in Macedonia, 2009.