Adrián believes that poetry is in constant motion, and that feeds on each discipline to continue among us. Sometimes it is a photograph of a feather lying on the shore, sometimes a book-object that seems to tell us the future, sometimes the body moving slowly between blue lights to go dancing with paper and umbrellas, without needing to be raining .

The absurd, the light, the sensual, the shadow, the dreams, are often elements in the daily life of Adrian, who in addition to declaring himself a Poet in motion, is an art teacher and a cultural organizer of events, where sometimes meet 55 Artists to play for 5 hours in a white paper container, named ILLUSION show.


“Using pencil, charcoal, ink, acrylics, video projections, pieces of musical scores, pieces of my own poems and even wine, I want to create works that contain all my creative process, that show the truth of the moment in which they are created. My usual themes are dreams, from them comes the basic images, colors and textures. I’m not trying to translate my dreams, I just want to get closer to reality with the language I live in dreams. Maybe that’s why my painting is not completely surreal and navigates between realism and abstract expressionism, but that does not matter, what it’s worth is to feel something deeply and want to put it there, on paper or canvas, to want to make it live, and in the process , to feel how it grows and develops until it is who it is, an aesthetic response of my feelings, of my dreams, of what I see in my blinking in life.


You have to look at the wall and cross it, be on the other side, and stay here. There is no magic in art, art is magic, the only one in which I believe, to feel that life is a gift that I accept with joy, and that with small or great works, we are changing the world”.

Peace and Poetry -Adrian