The truth of the creative moment

Just like my ancestors from the Moche culture, from ancient Peru, I believe in art as an expression that mixes our reality with the images created in our dreams. The Mochicas were imaginative teachers, recreating their gods, teaching about sexuality, about customs, about food and daily life, and with special adoration to the body.

For me, as a multidisciplinary artist and art teacher, it is important to remember that creation goes beyond the result, that the fantastic will always be written in the creative act. The Moche culture almost disappeared in 700 AD, but those of us who carry its blood continue to passionately transmit our vision of art and reality, of a community that can be brought together to create, of solitudes united by an inexhaustible creative bond.

Using pencil, a camera, ink or paint, video projections, pieces of my own poems and even collected rain, I want to create works that contain my creative process, that show the truth of the moment in which they are created.
My usual themes are dreams, from them come the basic images, colors and textures. I’m not trying to translate my dreams, I just want to get closer to reality with the language that I live in dreams, where I find greater justice.
Art is magic, the only one I believe in, magic that with small or large details will help us change the structured vision of the human being and the unbalanced world in which we live, yes, I hope my art helps to change the world.
Peace and Poetry – Adrian

Adrian is the creator of ILLUSION SHOW, where around 50 artists meets to create art for 5 hours in a white paper container, inside a big space. Is like a dream.

My murals are usually commissions of activist groups or institutions and also self-employed, supporting local businesses that promote social justice and equality

Día de los Muertos / Day of the Dead installation at SOMARTS, 2020, dedicated to George Floyd.