Poetry books:

1984: Hábitos (Habits), Los Reyes Rojos editions, Lima, Peru. Winner of the Honorary Mention at the Julio Cortazar Poetry contest 1984, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

1996: Sueños y Paranoias (Dreams and Paranoias), Peisa editions, Lima, Peru. Winner of the 1st prize Poetry contest Biennial of Poetry APJ.

2000: Castigo Divino (Divine Punishment), Jaime Campodonico editions, winner of honorary mention at the Cope Biennial of Poetry 1997, Lima, Peru.

2000: 26-10-2028, Cope Editions, winner of the 3rd prize at the Cope Biennial of Poetry 1999, Lima, Peru.

Poetry Booklets:

2006: Reflejo y Agua (Reflection and Water)

2006: Cuaderno Africano (The African Book) after a visit to Uganda.

2008: Poema del Dia/Poem of the Day, Anthology, Bilingual edition translated by Nina Serrano

2009: El libro del cuerpo/Book of the Body, bilingual edition translated by Nina Serrano.

2010: Breve Historia del Dolor (Brief history of pain)

2011: Antología Repentina para La Madre

2011: The Big Questions, in collaboration, with poems by Nina Serrano

2012: Antología Repentina para un 29 de febrero

2013: Animal Salvaje (Wild Animal)


1996: Altares, in collaboration with Susana Aragon. Photos of Arias & Aragon, published by Jaime Campodonico editions, Lima, Peru.

Science Fiction graphic novel-catalogue:

2012: Beautiful Trash: The Lost Library. Translated to the English by Nina Serrano. After Adrian artist residency at the de Young Museum in San Francisco 2010.