Dream #4 pays homage to rainwater as a sacred element, which provides life for the earth and those who live in it, and connects with our ancestors as a universal language. The score was presented @ Dance Mission Theatre as part of the D.I.R.T., on March 24, 2017


DREAM #2, When Fire Visits Us / Visual Poem, was a performance project commissioned by Fort Mason center in 2016. Influenced by his last years of experience in the laboratory of scores by Anna Halprin, I created a series of 12 scores. More images HERE

Design of the poster by Danica Conneely


In September 20, 2015, I was invited to be part of Art in Nature Festival, created by Laura Inserra, with the piece DREAM #0, with dancers Natan Daskal, Jessica Brown Oviedo and Kenya Moses. Video and images HERE


I feel so inspired about this poetic-performance protest against G20 Summit in Hamburg, created by a new group, 1000 Gestalten, a collective of humans dedicated to arts, crafts and communication. We need more of this on the planet.

Watch the video HERE and 1000 Gestalten website HERE