DREAM #2, When Fire Visits Us, Visual Poem by Adrian Arias

Fire is chosen in this new performance by Adrián Arias, which explores the poetic-conceptual and destructive burden that this element carries.

Influenced by his last years of experience in the laboratory of scores by Anna Halprin, Adrian has created a series of 12 scores-performances that tell us how fire can live within us to give us life.

Visual artist, poet and performer Adrián Arias, creates his new Visual-Poem-performance working in collaboration with dancer-performer from Anna Halprin’s Wednesday Scoring Lab, Amelia Uzastegui, and special guests in flamenco: internationally renowned and Isadora Duncan awardee La Tania and Clara Rodriguez, award winning dancer-acrobat Zoë Klein, and singers Dina Zarif and Anaís Azul.

With live music by STRINGQUAKE: Amelia Romano, Harp; Misha Khalikulov, cello; Josh Mellinger, cajón, tabla and percussion. The music includes a choral piece specially composed by Anais Azul, and an original arrangement of Stravinsky’s Firebird by Schuyler Karr.

Show dedicated to Anna Halprin, for her teachings and wisdom.