En Papel

And the flowers keep growing calm
and the sunlight behind the branches
and the soft breath
after love.

Sometimes loneliness
it’s a good cure
to understand that we are not alone.

Grandpa What are the stars?
they are magic houses
Who lives in those little houses?
There are those who were,
and those who get lost visiting,
and one day, when it’s my turn to leave,
I’ll look for a bright star to live.
Grandpa, if you are going to live there
I want to lose myself for a while to find you in that star.

Blank paper
how I would like to dance on your skin
and knot all the pieces of silence that illuminate you.
Blank paper
Would you let me pass?
I will visit your skin with love songs
… with the evening light
I will make small fires in your chest
and I will speak to your ear to let escape
the fireflies of your loneliness.