Poemas Revolucionarios / Revolutionary Poems

Last night I dreamed of a hammer and scissors
the hammer served to drive ideas into the ground
and the scissors to cut them when they grow.
Today I propose to dream of scissors that cut fear
and ideas that don’t need hammers to flourish.

A stone of water stopped on the horizon
the sky watching the earth in silence
my body rises on fire among the plants
that populate this universe of illusions.

Making the revolution is an act of faith
in the way we see, touch, smell, chew, feel.
Today my body moves to the rhythm of my pain
and my sorrow grows until it becomes a wall
and the wall explodes in the abyss of contradictions
and I fall I fall I fall until I feel
that my body can rise and resist
and fight to remain
cloud bird song kiss idea
because that’s how this world was built
with clouds birds songs kisses ideas
and so we will continue standing

Adrián 2017