Visual Poems in Lima

Series of visual poems in the streets of Lima, Peru, 2006


Ceviche poem on top of a piano

At “Million Fishes”, MAPP 2009


Performatic poem with real butterflies. Read at the Stern Grove Festival 2010 to eight thousand people, as part of the Meklit Hadero set. Main Artist Day Ricky Lee Jones.

Perfo-Poema 2012 Adrian at Brava Theatre foto by Anais
Photo by Anais
Ladder poem

2012  @ Brava Theatre
Subido en una escalera de tijera, contando un poema de infancia.
Climbing on a scissor ladder, telling a childhood poem.

Perfo-Poema 2013-1Poema al silencio
Photo by Yeiber Cano
 ( ( Poema al Silencio ) )  –  ( ( SILENCE POEM ) )

“This was a beautiful moment in last night’s Social Justice event- literally a moment -when Adrian Arias invited 5 audience members to be part of his performance poem. He positioned them into the inter-connected pose you see here. They stood in silence for exactly one minute (I was the timekeeper) . Can you fill in the blanks of poem above that took place in that minute ? Not only in the minds of the six on stage but us in the audience as well? It was a Mega-poem!” Nina Serrano

Improvisation at the Social Justice, Multiculturalism & Immigration poetry reading, by the Revolutionary Poets Brigade at the Mission Cultural Center, San Francisco
November 20, 2013.


Visual poem with 9 audience members, at Somarts 2014


Live body painting visual poem performance, dedicated to the adaptation of colors that human beings take in current social and political life. Red Poppy Art House, San Francisco 2015. More images here

Fort Mason

Visual poem presentation at Fort Mason bookstore, 2016.



Visual poem in collaboration with Jacky Ramos at MAPP. Red Poppy Art House 2016.

Infinite Beauty

Visual poem in collaboration with Kristi Williamson at the Firehouse, Fort Mason, as part of the San Francisco International Arts Festival 2018.

23 minutes Project

In times of 2020 pandemic and confinement, Adrian created a way of connecting with the outside world, with a 23-minute poetry program, where he sometimes reads and paints his own creations, and sometimes collaborates with other poets and artists from the Bay Area and the world through the internet. They have been guests of Adrian until now: Alejandro Murguia, Aida Salazar, Roán Luján, Yuyi Morales. And soon Kata Miletich, John Santos, Jorge Argueta, Yamily Yunis, Teresa Palazzo’Conti and Roger Santivañez.

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