Dream #5: Blue Poem / performance-score at the North Beach Public Library in San Francisco, California

In this performance, the blue color is transported from my garden to the North Beach library, creating an oniric atmosphere full of umbrellas, books and many blue objects that I collect only for color. I start doing “blue” inhalations of eucalyptus and lavender, creating an aromatic space for the development of the dream-performance. I read “blue” poems, I describe the origin of the objects, I enter the deepest of the absurd, counting endless dreams.
Suddenly in the dream, the fears of reality mix, know that we live under a regime, that freedom is restricted, that it is dangerous to be an immigrant, it creates pain and confusion. I connect with the public with a blue thread that we all grasp. I invite the audience to read texts in different languages simultaneously, creating a chaos of overlapping languages. Then I give them umbrella to the whole audience, to protect us from the political moment we are living.

Concept and Direction, Adrian. Time: 29 minutes. April 2017