When Sky visits Nature / performance-score-intervention on a public space, the Regional Redwood Park in Oakland, California.

Link to watch a videoclip HERE.

In this dream, the sky descends to visit the trees and the forest, turned into three bodies, that dance to the rhythm of music that comes from the imagination of who dreams. The audience experiences a visual level, where they can almost touch the blue bodies with clouds, and an auditory level, with the string quartet that helps to transport them to a different reality. Dancers: Natan Daskal, Kenya Moses, Jessica Brown Oviedo. Live music: Amaranth String quartet (Katie von Braun, Abigail Shiman, Erica Zappia and Helen Newby). Helpers: Maisa Arias, Abril and Ivonne Iriondo. Concept and Direction, Adrian. Time: 66 minutes. Place: Regional Redwood Park in Oakland, California. As part of the Art in Nature Festival, on September 20, 2015.