Dream Escapes exhibition of new paintings

August 4 – September 29 / The Red Poppy Art House. Opening Reception Saturday August 4th, 6:33pm.

“Crepitar” performance

Crepitar is a new performance by Kristi Williamson and Adrian Arias, with the Anna Halprin Performance Lab, and the co-direction and production of Brian Collentine, Kristi and Adrian. With performers: Sherri Mills, Darcie Luce, Ryan Elisabeth Reid, Michael Nugent, Kristi Williamson and Adrian Arias. Lighting by Craig Amos. Helpers Caitlin Collentine and Mara Hernandez.

Was performed at the Minnesota Street Project in a benefit for the victims of North Bay fires organized by Juana Berrio.

Photos by Mara Hernandez.

Adrian performances 2014-2017

A selection of the most recent performances by Adrian, as a director, soloist and collaborator.

In-finite Beauty

In-finite Beauty, a new performance with Kristi Williamson @ the SF International Arts Fest 2018.

Sometimes human beings forget to observe the details of life; the beauty that is provoked when the light touches our skin, the sensation we receive from contact with others or nature, the delicate perception of time passing, the words we speak, the dreams we weave. Finding beauty in everyday life brings a sense of triumph and hope. Calling forth beauty can help us in difficult times. Kristi and Adrian will move in a sacred space to explore, together with the audience, the essence of beauty… that which is hidden within, as they create a ritual of birth, confrontation, cleansing and renewal.

In-Finite Beauty to us means the boundlessness of beauty contained inside in the finite human experience. How do we contain the infinite expanse of beauty inside the finite structure of the human identity?

K & A have worked together since 2014 in Anna Halprin’s Scoring Lab, creating scores, which serve as inspiration and basis for “In-finite Beauty”.

The performance will be on June 2nd and 3rd, 2018, and is dedicated to our teacher, guide and friend Anna Halprin, celebrating her 98th birthday.

More details coming soon