Adrian is dreaming that there is a public that is with him and that public is dreaming of him. Adrian dreams that he is at a table, that he flicks a black flag with hollow stars, that he creates his own garden out of a suitcase, while a typewriter sounds every time a dead body is found on the border. Oscar, Valeria, Isabel, dead while trying to cross the frontera, appear in this dream, bringing memories of childhood, joy and pain. A group of Heralds appears to protect this dream, and help Adrian understand that Adrian dreams that he is dead.

Part of this performance was created in the rural residence of Arte BENAMIL, Spain, and part in Sea Ranch and Oakland, and part at the Anna Halprin Mountain Studio in Kentfield.

Dream # 8 was designed to be presented at FLACC, Festival of Latin American Contemporary Choreographers, at the Berkeley Museum, California BAMPFA, on November 23, 2019.
Performers : Amy Cranch, Sue Heinemann, Darcie Luce, Marguerite Etemad, Carol Naber and Craig Amos.
Adrian wants to thank Anna Halprin, Brian Collentine, La Tania and the production assistance of Mara Hernandez.